strike king series 3xd

The XD series from Strike King has set the standard for deep running crankbaits! Hooks are okay but they could be better. The Strike King Pro Model 3XD Crankbait is a smaller bodied version of the popular XD series crankbaits. These baits are designed for one thing, to dive Xtra Deep! 6, Item ID: HC3XD568 My last day fishing this fall I caught 19.5 lbs bag smallies all on a Chart Black Back 3xd. 10 +, Item ID: HC3XD648 Overview Strike King Pro Series 3XD Crankbait - An Xtra Deep diving version of the Series 3 with a unique curved bill and is balanced to cause a steep dive angle to enable this small body bait to dive faster and deeper than other crankbaits this size. After the spawn the fish live in 6 to 12 feet of water which is a perfect range for this bait. background-color: #FFF; Strike King Pro Model 5XD Crankbaits. Dives deep, casts far, wiggles tight, and flat out catches fish.

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